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Problems? Contact aneesel. I are the Mod (tee hee, I R Baboon), and as such I promise to assist with any and all problems presented to me in an unbiased manner.

Para RP? Stargate Atlantis? Both together, at one place? Plus sex? … Can you refuse?

We here at Almost Harmless offer you just what you KNOW you need. Good, steamy, exciting Stargate Atlantis Para RP.

[ M o s t l y | H a r m l e s s ] Rules

There are only a few simple rules that we here at Almost Harmless ask you to abide by.

1). Don't be rude. Respect others as well as their opinions, needs, and wants, for we will respect yours. This includes saying rude, offensive, hateful things to another person via this community. If you think a comment or post you are about to display here at Almost Harmless will be offensive to someone else, please read rule #3. Don't be a dick.

2). Many things in this community are NOT FOR CHILDREN. If sex easily upsets you, or anything related to sex, (this includes slash, yaoi, etc.) then simply go away. We don't like you either.

3). Please use the subject line of your posts to clearly label them. If it's a spoiler or something else of the sort, I have only one word (Or, Hyphenated word...) for you. LJ-Cut. All long posts as well as artwork must be behind an LJ-Cut. For more information about this, read the lj-Cut FAQ.

4). You can use your own characters, or ones in the show; either way, please be sure you check first to see if the character is taken. A list is shown halfway down the page of taken characters.

5). When making your own characters to use in this community, please use common sense. No half-beetle-half-Dr.-Pepper-bottle-half-shoe-man-beasts. Kthx.

6). The moderator here at Almost Harmless reserves the right to use her Iron Fist of Smite as she sees fit. (But I love you all, so I doubt I will have to use it) This includes deleting posts, members, comments, etc. If you feel that you were wrongly accused of something, please contact me, aneesel via the e-mail provided.

7). Most of all, have fun. ^_^;;

Characters Taken:

Suture/S'qorn'shellious/Caeru/Lym: AneEsel
John Sheppard/Rodney McKay: Tlanti
Omega/Roth: the_ghost_twins
Mikali/Raisa: random_violet

Available Known Characters/NPC's:

Aiden Ford
Elizabeth Weir
Carson Beckett

Hive Queen(s)
Wraith Queen
The Curator
Shawn (zOMG teh sexy *drools*)

Much love to lahynhe and aneesel for the creation of this community.